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At Neurobehavioral Research, Inc. we have world-class minds at work, but we couldn't do it without one important component--you! Our ongoing research projects depend on a steady influx of research subjects, so if you're interested in being part of our work (and receiving a small monetary compensation for your time), please see if you fit any of the descriptions below and contact us by calling Patti Ludlow at  (808) 250-6763.

Participate in a paid study at Neurobehavioral Research Inc in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our Current Subject Needs

We are collecting data for several studies on alcohol. We are looking for Our requirements:
All subjects: Men and women, 35-60 years old. Cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at time of participation.
Abstinent alcoholics: Short-Term (between 6-15 weeks of abstinence), or Long-Term (more than 18 months of abstinence)
What is EEG

What is EEG?

EEG, or electroencephalography, is a technology NRI uses to read your brain's responses to stimuli. A special cap is placed on the head that lets us measure the electrical activity along your scalp. NRI performs EEG testing in-house at our labs.
What is fMRI

What is MRI?

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, allows NRI researchers to get detailed images of brain activity during certain tasks. The MRI is a non-invasive and does not deposit any radiation in the body. Subjects should not wear excessive jewelry for their scans. NRI partners with Queen's Medical center to use their MRI facilities.

Subject Experience

Our research subjects usually want to know what to expect when they first come into the lab. Whether you're thinking about becoming a subject or if you're already signed-up, here's what to expect:

Day 1
3-5 hours at NRI: interviews, questionnaires.
Get directions to our offices.
Day 2
2 hours at NRI: neuropsychological testing
Day 3
3-4 hours at NRI: EEG testing
Day 4
2 hours at Queen's Medical Center: fMRI testing. Get directions to Queen's.